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The project started in 2014 with the Acrobatic Wave School. For four years the school has taught hundreds of students at its various levels of learning in this modality, from initiation to competition. During this period the competition teams participated in several Regional, National and World events achieving good results.

Currently the school develops Stand up Paddle (river and sea tours), Surf, Bodyboard, bodyboard and bodysurf.

We carry out Surf Camps, workshops, Surf baptisms, birthday parties, bachelor parties and personalized photo service at the sea (wave photography).

Ana Poças

Physical activity is the best ally of our health. In addition to strengthening muscles, increasing cardiopulmonary capacity and preventing a number of physical diseases (such as cardiovascular accidents, osteoporosis, among others) is a great protector of our mental health. The practice of physical exercise induces the release of endorphins in our brain that contribute to our happiness and well being, also helping to strengthen memory and concentration. Several scientific studies have shown that the contribution to health is greater if the physical activity is done outside and Surf meets both characteristics.

The vast majority of people report that the sea conveys a sense of relaxation. Being in the sea, seeing the sun and the blue of the sky allows a closer contact with nature and allow us to escape the stress of everyday life. The more adventurous can also find in this practice a great sensation of adrenaline, as such, is good for all tastes. It is also advantageous for all ages to practice physical exercise does not benefit only the youngest; in older people, their practice is a very important factor in the prevention, for example, of dementia.

There are already medical teams to evaluate the substitution of drugs by surfing in some diseases and the results are very positive.

For your health, exercise! Good waves!